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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v4 0/6] arm64: tlb: add support for TTL feature
Hi James,

On 2020/3/26 0:15, James Morse wrote:
> Hi Zhenyu,
> On 3/24/20 1:45 PM, Zhenyu Ye wrote:
>> In order to reduce the cost of TLB invalidation, the ARMv8.4 TTL
>> feature allows TLBs to be issued with a level allowing for quicker
>> invalidation. This series provide support for this feature.
>> Patch 1 and Patch 2 was provided by Marc on his NV series[1] patches,
>> which detect the TTL feature and add __tlbi_level interface.
> How does this interact with THP?
> (I don't see anything on that in the series.)
> With THP, there is no one answer to the size of mapping in a VMA.
> This is a problem because the arm-arm has in "Translation table level
> hints" in D5.10.2 of DDI0487E.a:
> | If an incorrect value for the entry being invalidated by the
> | instruction is specified in the TTL field, then no entries are
> | required by the architecture to be invalidated from the TLB.
> If we get it wrong, not TLB maintenance occurs!

Thanks for your review. With THP, we should update the TTL value
after the page collapse and merge. If not sure what it should be,
we can set it to 0 to avoid "no TLB maintenance occur" problem.
The Table D5-53 in DDI0487E.a says:
| when TTL[1:0] is 0b00:
| This value is reserved, and hardware should treat this as if TTL[3:2] is 0b00
| when TTL[3:2] is 0b00:
| Hardware must assume that the entry can be from any level.

> Unless THP leaves its fingerprints on the vma, I think you can only do
> this for VMA types that THP can't mess with. (see
> transparent_hugepage_enabled())

I will try to add struct mmu_gather to TLBI interfaces, which has enough
info to track tlb's level. See in next patch version!



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