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SubjectScreenPad diplay
I'm not on the mailing list, I want to receive a carbon copy of each reply to this topic

When I run the system on Intel APU, Xrandr say that I've only eDP-1 (connected) (my main screen) and HDMI-1 (disconnected) (the HDMI port of my computer). The KDE UI stills seems to detects somethings because he pops up the equivalent of "Super+P" pop-up in
Windows (the one who asks you where you want to diplay your desktop). But here, only the HDMI port and main screen works, not the ScreenPad, I don't know where to find logs of why the display manager pops up

When I run it on nVidia GPU (optimus-manager to switch), the ScreenPad goes on, on a black screen. Xrandr lists eDP-1 (same), HDMI-0 (connected) and HDMI-1 (not connected). I guess here that HDMI-0 should be the ScreenPad. But I don't know how to display something
on it, or even manipulate the display. If i change resolution it doesn't changes anything on the ScreenPad, not even a flickering

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