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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nvme: Fix NVME_IOCTL_ADMIN_CMD compat address handling.
A couple of comments:

No need for the "." the end of the subject line.

I also think you should just talk of the nvme_user_cmd function,
as that also is used for the NVME_IOCTL_IO_CMD ioctl. Also there now
is a nvme_user_cmd64 variant that needs the same fix, can you also
include that?

> + if (in_compat_syscall()) {
> + /*
> + * On real 32-bit kernels this implementation ignores the
> + * upper bits of address fields so we must replicate that
> + * behaviour in the compat case.

s/real //g please, there are no fake 32-vit kernels :)

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