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SubjectRE: [PATCH] Documentation/changes: Raise minimum supported binutils version to 2.23
From: Jason A. Donenfeld
> Sent: 23 March 2020 21:12
> By the way, while we're in the process of updating dependencies, what
> if we ratched the minimum binutils on x86 up to 2.25 (which is still
> quite old)? In this case, we could get rid of *all* of the CONFIG_AS_*
> ifdefs throughout.

Even my system has 2.23.2, although I've had to pull in a later
version of old of the elf libraries at some point.

Unfortunately we have to support customers who insist on using
very old distributions - and it is easiest to build things on
systems with similar old userspace.
The memcpy/memmove fiasco and changes to C++ 'character traits'
make anything else almost impossible.

Unnecessary minimum versions do cause grief.


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