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Subject[PATCH v2 0/6] Fix errors when try to build kvm selftests on specified output
I attempted to build KVM selftests on a specified dir, unfortunately
neither "make O=/path/to/mydir TARGETS=kvm" in tools/testing/selftests, nor
"make OUTPUT=/path/to/mydir" in tools/testing/selftests/kvm work.

This series aims to fix them.

Patch 1 fixes the issue that output directory is not exist.

Patch 2 and 3 are the preparation for kvm to get the right path of
installed linux headers.

Patch 4 and 6 prepare the INSTALL_HDR_PATH to tell sub TARGET where the
linux headers are installed.

Patch 5 fixes the issue that with OUTPUT specified, it still make the
linux tree dirty.

I only test the sub TARGET of kvm.
In theory, it won't break other TARGET of selftests.

Changes in v2:
- fix the no directory issue in
- make kvm fixes seperate patch
- Add the patch to fix linux src tree not clean issue


Xiaoyao Li (6):
selftests: Create directory when OUTPUT specified
selftests: kvm: Include earlier
selftests: kvm: Use the default linux header path only when
INSTALL_HDR_PATH not defined
selftests: Create variable INSTALL_HDR_PATH if need to install linux
headers to $(OUTPUT)/usr
selftests: Generate build output of linux headers to
selftests: export INSTALL_HDR_PATH if using "O" to specify output dir

tools/testing/selftests/Makefile | 6 +++++-
tools/testing/selftests/kvm/Makefile | 9 +++++----
tools/testing/selftests/ | 19 ++++++++++++++++++-
3 files changed, 28 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)


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