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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] x86, crypto: remove always-defined CONFIG_AS_* and cosolidate Kconfig/Makefiles

* Masahiro Yamada <> wrote:

> This series of cleanups was prompted by Linus:
> First, this series drop always-on CONFIG_AS_* options.
> Some of those options were introduced in old days.
> For example, the check for CONFIG_AS_CFI dates back to 2006.
> We raise the minimal tool versions from time to time.
> Currently, we require binutils 2.21
> (and we plan to bump it to 2.23 for v5.7-rc1).
> After cleaning away the old checks,
> as-instr calls are moved to Kconfig from Makefiles.
> (patch 11)
> This allows more Kconfig / Makefile cleanups.
> Patch 12 is complex, but I double-checked it does the equivalent.
> Patch 14 bumps the binutils version to 2.23,
> and patch 15 removes more CONFIG_AS_* options.
> I folded all relevanet patches into this series,
> as suggested by Jason A. Donenfeld.
> If x86 maintainers take care of this series, that's good.
> If it is OK to queue this up to Kbuild tree,
> I will send a pull request to Linus.
> Thank you.

LGTM. I've got these four from Jason A. Donenfeld queued up in

bd5b1283e41c: ("crypto: Curve25519 - do not pollute dispatcher based on assembler")
829f32d78588: ("crypto: X86 - rework configuration, based on Kconfig")
95ef9f80ed63: ("x86/build: Probe assembler from Kconfig instead of Kbuild")
1651e700664b: ("x86: Fix bitops.h warning with a moved cast")

I suppose these might interact (maybe even conflict), and are topically

Would you like to pull these into the kbuild tree? You can find them in:

git:// WIP.x86/asm



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