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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] mm/hugetlb: fix a addressing exception caused by huge_pte_offset()
On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 07:54:32PM -0700, Mike Kravetz wrote:
> On 3/22/20 7:03 PM, Longpeng (Mike, Cloud Infrastructure Service Product Dept.) wrote:
> >
> > On 2020/3/22 7:38, Mike Kravetz wrote:
> >> On 2/21/20 7:33 PM, Longpeng(Mike) wrote:
> >>> From: Longpeng <>
> I have not looked closely at the generated code for lookup_address_in_pgd.
> It appears that it would dereference p4d, pud and pmd multiple times. Sean
> seemed to think there was something about the calling context that would
> make issues like those seen with huge_pte_offset less likely to happen. I
> do not know if this is accurate or not.

Only for KVM's calls to lookup_address_in_mm(), I can't speak to other
calls that funnel into to lookup_address_in_pgd().

KVM uses a combination of tracking and blocking mmu_notifier calls to ensure
PTE changes/invalidations between gup() and lookup_address_in_pgd() cause a
restart of the faulting instruction, and that pending changes/invalidations
are blocked until installation of the pfn in KVM's secondary MMU completes.


mmu_seq = kvm->mmu_notifier_seq;

pfn = gup(hva);

if (kvm->mmu_notifier_seq != mmu_seq)
goto out_unlock: // Restart guest, i.e. retry the fault

lookup_address_in_mm(hva, ...);



kvm_mmu_notifier_change_pte() / kvm_mmu_notifier_invalidate_range_end():


> Let's remove the two READ_ONCE calls and move this patch forward. We can
> look closer at lookup_address_in_pgd and generate another patch if that needs
> to be fixed as well.
> Thanks
> --
> Mike Kravetz

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