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SubjectRE: [net-next,v1, 0/3] Add additional EHL PCI info and PCI ID
From: Voon Weifeng <>
Date: Mar/20/2020, 16:48:22 (UTC+00:00)

> Intel EHL consist of 3 identical MAC. 2 are located in the Intel(R)
> Programmable Services Engine (Intel(R) PSE) and 1 is located in the
> platform Controller Hub (PCH). Each MAC consist of 3 PCI IDs which are
> differentiated by MII and speed.

This stmmac_pci.c is getting bigger and bigger ... Can you consider adding
your own PCI driver (dwmac-intel.c) to stmmac tree ?

You could even submit a patch for MAINTAINERS for this particular driver
as it's already done for others.

Jose Miguel Abreu

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