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SubjectRe: help needed in debugging missed wakeup(?)

On 20/03/20 20:04, Lucas Stach wrote:


> My hope was that someone would could guide me a little with an educated
> guess, to make those trace_printks more helpful. The lockup is hard to
> trigger and there's other unrelated system activity going on, even when
> the relevant user task is stuck, so randomly sprinkling debug
> statements will generate lots of output to filter down.

I'd start by enabling sched:sched_pi_setprio (or adding trace_printks
around there to confirm your suspicion). Once that is confirmed, I'd try
to look at update_curr_dl::throttle and verify if the misbehaving task
was indeed throttled at some point; it shouldn't be, because dl_boosted
flag should be set for it at this point (maybe check this condition as



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