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SubjectRe: [00/12] add STM32 FMC2 controller drivers
On 3/23/20 3:58 PM, Christophe Kerello wrote:
> The FMC2 functional block makes the interface with: synchronous and
> asynchronous static devices (such as PSNOR, PSRAM or other memory-mapped
> peripherals) and NAND flash memories.
> Its main purposes are:
> - to translate AXI transactions into the appropriate external device
> protocol
> - to meet the access time requirements of the external devices
> All external devices share the addresses, data and control signals with the
> controller. Each external device is accessed by means of a unique Chip
> Select. The FMC2 performs only one access at a time to an external device.
> Christophe Kerello (12):
> dt-bindings: mfd: stm32-fmc2: add STM32 FMC2 controller documentation
> mfd: stm32-fmc2: add STM32 FMC2 controller driver
> bus: stm32-fmc2-ebi: add STM32 FMC2 EBI controller driver
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: manage all errors cases at probe time
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: remove useless inline comments
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: use FMC2_TIMEOUT_MS for timeouts
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: cleanup
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: use FIELD_PREP/FIELD_GET macros
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: move all registers
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: use regmap APIs
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: use stm32_fmc2 structure in nfc controller
> mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: add new MP1 compatible string

This doesn't apply to either next or 5.6-rc7, do you have a tree
somewhere with those patches applied ?

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