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SubjectArgh, can't find dcache properties !
Hi All,

Just booting up v5.5.11 on a Freescale T2080RDB and I'm seeing the
following mesage.

kern.warning linuxbox kernel: Argh, can't find dcache properties !
kern.warning linuxbox kernel: Argh, can't find icache properties !

This was changed from DBG() to pr_warn() in commit 3b9176e9a874
("powerpc/setup_64: fix -Wempty-body warnings") but the message seems
to be much older than that. So it's probably been an issue on the T2080
(and other QorIQ SoCs) for a while.

Looking at the code the t208x doesn't specifiy any of the d-cache-
size/i-cache-size properties. Should I add them to silence the warning
or switch it to pr_debug()/pr_info()?


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