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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] soundwire: qcom: add sdw_master_device support

>> Add new device as a child of the platform device, following the
>> following hierarchy:
>> platform_device
>>      sdw_master_device
>>          sdw_slave0
> Why can't we just remove the platform device layer here and add
> sdw_master_device directly?
> What is it stopping doing that?

The guidance from Greg was "no platform devices, unless you really are
on a platform bus (i.e. Device tree.)". We never discussed changing the
way the Device Tree parts are handled.

The main idea was to leave the parent (be it platform-device or PCI
device) alone and not add new attributes or references to it.

The scheme here is similar to I2C/SPI, you have a platform device
handled by the Device Tree baseline, and a driver create an

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