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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/2] mtd: spinand: toshiba: Rename function name to change suffix and prefix (8Gbit)

Schrempf Frieder <> wrote on Mon, 2 Mar 2020
08:02:25 +0000:

> On 28.02.20 04:11, Yoshio Furuyama wrote:
> > The suffix was changed to classify from "g" to "j" between 1st generation
> > device and 2nd generation device that's new Serial NAND of Kioxia brand.
> I had to read this sentence multiple times to understand it. Maybe
> something like this would be better:
> The suffix was changed from "g" to "j" to classify between 1st
> generation and 2nd generation serial NAND devices (which now belong to
> the Kioxia brand).
> > As reference that's
> > 1st generation device of 1Gbit product is "tc58cvg0s3hraig"
> > 2nd generation device of 1Gbit product is "tc58cvg0s3hraij".
> >
> > The 8Gbit product "TH58CxG3S0HRAIJ" is new line up of Kioxia's serial nand
> > and changed the prefix from tc58 to th58.
> > Thus it was changed argument to the function from "tc58cxgxsx" to
> > "tx58cxgxsxraix".
> Same here. It is very hard to read. I would write something like this:
> The 8Gbit type "TH58CxG3S0HRAIJ" is new to Kioxia's serial NAND lineup
> and the prefix was changed from "TC58" to "TH85".
> Thus the functions were renamed from tc58cxgxsx_*() to
> tx58cxgxsxraix_*().
> With an easier to understand commit message:
> Reviewed-by: Frieder Schrempf <>

Agreed, the commit log proposal from Frieder looks better.

The rest of the patch is fine by me though.


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