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Subject[RFC PATCH v2 0/3] KASAN/KUnit Integration
This patchset contains everything needed to integrate KASAN and KUnit.

KUnit will be able to:
(1) Fail tests when an unexpected KASAN error occurs
(2) Pass tests when an expected KASAN error occurs

KASAN Tests have been converted to KUnit with the exception of
copy_user_test because KUnit is unable to test those. I am working on
documentation on how to use these new tests to be included in the next
version of this patchset.

Changes since v1:
- Make use of Alan Maguire's suggestion to use his patch that allows
static resources for integration instead of adding a new attribute to
the kunit struct
- All KUNIT_EXPECT_KASAN_FAIL statements are local to each test
- The definition of KUNIT_EXPECT_KASAN_FAIL is local to the
test_kasan.c file since it seems this is the only place this will
be used.
- Integration relies on KUnit being builtin
- copy_user_test has been separated into its own file since KUnit
is unable to test these. This can be run as a module just as before,
- The addition to the current task has been separated into its own
patch as this is a significant enough change to be on its own.

Patricia Alfonso (3):
Add KUnit Struct to Current Task
KUnit: KASAN Integration
KASAN: Port KASAN Tests to KUnit

include/kunit/test.h | 10 +
include/linux/sched.h | 4 +
lib/Kconfig.kasan | 13 +-
lib/Makefile | 1 +
lib/kunit/test.c | 10 +-
lib/test_kasan.c | 639 +++++++++++++++----------------------
lib/test_kasan_copy_user.c | 75 +++++
mm/kasan/report.c | 33 ++
8 files changed, 400 insertions(+), 385 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 lib/test_kasan_copy_user.c


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