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SubjectRe: snd_hda_intel/sst-acpi sound breakage on suspend/resume since 5.6-rc1
On 2020-03-18 10:57, Dominik Brodowski wrote:
>>> Unfortunately, I cannot bisect this issue easily -- i915 was broken for
>>> quite some time on this system[*], prohibiting boot...
>> Hmm, sounds like that issue is quite old. DSP for Haswell and Broadwell is
>> available for I2S devices only, so this relates directly to legacy HDA
>> driver. Compared to Skylake+, HDAudio controller for older platforms is
>> found within GPU. My advice is to notify the DRM guys about this issue.
>> Takashi, are you aware of problems with HDMI on HSW/ BDW or should I just
>> loop Jani and other DRM peps here?
> Well, it works on v5.5, so this issue is not really "quite old" (the "no
> context buffer need to restore!" message seen there seems harmless).
> Thanks again, and best wishes,
> Dominik

Was commenting the "i915 was broken for quite some time on this
system[*], prohibiting boot...". Unless I misunderstood you, this ain't
a DSP driver issue but HDAudio/iDisp one. Essentially, these are two
issues you mentioned here.


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