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SubjectRe: [PATCH net v2 0/3] QorIQ DPAA ARM RDBs need internal delay on RGMII
From: Madalin Bucur <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 14:05:55 +0200

> v2: used phy_interface_mode_is_rgmii() to identify RGMII
> The QorIQ DPAA 1 based RDB boards require internal delay on
> both Tx and Rx to be set. The patch set ensures all RGMII
> modes are treated correctly by the FMan driver and sets the
> phy-connection-type to "rgmii-id" to restore functionality.
> Previously Rx internal delay was set by board pull-ups and
> was left untouched by the PHY driver. Since commit
> 1b3047b5208a80 ("net: phy: realtek: add support for
> configuring the RX delay on RTL8211F") the Realtek 8211F PHY
> driver has control over the RGMII RX delay and it is
> disabling it for other modes than RGMII_RXID and RGMII_ID.
> Please note that u-boot in particular performs a fix-up of
> the PHY connection type and will overwrite the values from
> the Linux device tree. Another patch set was sent for u-boot
> and one needs to apply that [1] to the boot loader, to ensure
> this fix is complete, unless a different bootloader is used.

Series applied, thanks.

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