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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/26] Introduce common headers for vDSO
Dmitry Safonov <> writes:
> I like the idea, but I'm wondering if we could have less-grained
> headers? Like, AFAICS the patches create headers < 10 lines and even
> mostly < 5 lines.. I like that header's names perfectly describe what's
> inside, but I'm not sure how effective to have a lot of extra-small
> includes.

If that goes all into a big header then the headers from where the bits and
pieces are split out would have all to include this big header which
might result in other include dependency nightmares.

>> create mode 100644 include/vdso/time.h
>> create mode 100644 include/vdso/time32.h
>> create mode 100644 include/vdso/time64.h
> Maybe we could made them less-grained?
> I.e, time32 + time64 + time.h => time.h?

Then you end up with ifdeffery. I like the clear separation.



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