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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] EDAC: synopsys: Fix the wrong call of pinf->col parameter
On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 10:16:23AM +0800, Sherry Sun wrote:
> Since ZynqMP platform call zynqmp_get_error_info() function to get ce/ue
> information. In this function, pinf->col parameter is not used, this
> parameter is only used by Zynq platforme in zynq_get_error_info(). So
> here pinf->col should not be called and printed for ZynqMP, need remove
> it.

Err, the interrupt handler intr_handler() calls the ->get_error_info()
function pointer and then calls handle_error(). I.e, the same path
ending in handle_error() is called on both: Zynq and ZynqMP, one through
the interrupt and the other through the poller.

Because it looks like the interrupt support is only on ZynqMP? I'm
looking at that DDR_ECC_INTR_SUPPORT thing.

If so, then you need to rename the interrupt handler to

And normal Zynq platform uses check_errors() which then calls

So still not good enough: you probably "fixed" it on ZynqMP but broke
it on Zynq because check_errors() calls ->get_error_info() which is
zynq_get_error_info() and will have populated pinf->col.

You need to differentiate between Zynq and ZynqMP in handle_error() and
issue the proper string depending on the platform.



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