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SubjectWas: Fair Pay In Cyberspace - now I/T x

I´ve tried to trendspot what will happen, and also tried a bi/gay
channel. Some want this, and a B-G Church, with trinity and so forth.

Here we clearly see a separation of scientific viewpoint, and required
coherence, and christian religion.

I tried this channel:

Bi & Gay O' Triune ᚦYR !

To get an impression of what we are dealing with, and if you support
this channel, you will also get your B-G Church, and everything the 70s
hippies were about.

While ofcourse I get my scientific viewpoint, and coherence, and do not
at all believe there is something wrong with scientific observations of
the universe.

It does however fit a gay viewpoint, belonging to a church of ᚦYR, to
gain attention for gay sex.

They will now get that, and we will get our rational system, and
required viewpoint.

-- That should be the final item, on the way towards I/T x.


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