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SubjectFrom Esme Ferguson
peace and mercy be upon you, First let me introduce myself properly,
I'm Esme Ferguson From London, was married to a UAE citizen though i
lost my husband four years now without any child as my only child died
at the age of two, my husband was a philanthropist before his death, I
worked in an oil firm in Dubai before retiring in 2017, i would say i
was a successful woman though i regret the death of my caring husband
and my only child, I am here soliciting for your friendship in trust
believing that you would be a true and sincere person to me because
good Friends hardly come by as they said, i needed a truly and sincere
person, believing that we would be true friends i will tell you all
about me as soon as i hear from you, Presently i am in Dubai, I am
waiting for your next reply and Looking forward for more steady
contact with you as well.

God bless you!!!!!!!!

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