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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched/fair: improve spreading of utilization

On Fri, Mar 13 2020, Vincent Guittot wrote:

>> Good point on the capacity reduction vs group_is_overloaded.
>> That said, can't we also reach this with migrate_task? Say the local
> The test has only been added for migrate_util so migrate_task is not impacted
>> group is entirely idle, and the busiest group has a few non-idle CPUs
>> but they all have at most 1 running task. AFAICT we would still go to
>> calculate_imbalance(), and try to balance out the number of idle CPUs.
> such case is handled by migrate_task when we try to even the number of
> tasks between groups
>> If the migration_type is migrate_util, that can't happen because of this
>> change. Since we have this progressive balancing strategy (tasks -> util
>> -> load), it's a bit odd to have this "gap" in the middle where we get
>> one less possibility to trigger active balance, don't you think? That
>> is, providing I didn't say nonsense again :)
> Right now, I can't think of a use case that could trigger such
> situation because we use migrate_util when source is overloaded which
> means that there is at least one waiting task and we favor this task
> in priority

Right, what I was trying to say is that AIUI migration_type ==
migrate_task with <= 1 running task per CPU in the busiest group can
*currently* lead to a balance attempt, and thus a potential active

Consider a local group of 4 idle CPUs, and a busiest group of 3 busy 1
idle CPUs, each busy having only 1 running task. That busiest group
would be group_has_spare, so we would compute an imbalance of
(4-1) / 2 == 1 task to move. We'll proceed with the load balance, but
we'll only move things if we go through an active_balance.

My point is that if we prevent this for migrate_util, it would make
sense to prevent it for migrate_task, but it's not straightforward since
we have things like ASYM_PACKING.

>> It's not a super big deal, but I think it's nice if we can maintain a
>> consistent / gradual migration policy.
>> >>
>> >> > might be hard to notice in benchmarks.

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