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SubjectDoes Linux Kernel 5.5.7 Have Automatic Built-in Support for aufs and unionfs Filesystems?
Good morning from Singapore,

Does Linux Kernel 5.5.7 have automatic built-in support for aufs and
unionfs filesystems? Or do I need to apply the aufs and unionfs patches
as outlined in the following year 2013 guide?

Guide: "New hint submission: Build your own LFS livecd."


I have just created my own custom Linux distribution called Teo En Ming
Linux 2020.03 (FINAL), which is based on Linux From Scratch
20200302-systemd and Linux Kernel 5.5.7. I am trying to create a
bootable Live CD/DVD iso of Teo En Ming Linux 2020.03 (FINAL).

Hopefully I do not have to patch Linux Kernel 5.5.7 to enable support
for aufs and unionfs filesystems.

Nonetheless, compiling Linux Kernel 5.5.7 took only a mere 19 minutes on
my latest state-of-the-art AMD Ryzen 3 3200G processor with Radeon Vega
8 Graphics and Gigabyte B450M DS3H Socket AM4 motherboard with 32 GB
Transcend DDR4-2666 RAM.

Please advise.

Thank you.


The Gospel for all Targeted Individuals (TIs):

[The New York Times] Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of
U.S. Embassy Workers



Singaporean Mr. Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming's Academic
Qualifications as at 14 Feb 2019 and refugee seeking attempts at the
United Nations Refugee Agency Bangkok (21 Mar 2017), in Taiwan (5 Aug
2019) and Australia (25 Dec 2019 to 9 Jan 2020):





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