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SubjectRe: mmotm 2020-03-11-21-11 uploaded (sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.c)
Adding+ Masahiro Yamada for more inputs w.r.t kconfig.

Kconfig side we have:

tristate "Build all ASoC CODEC drivers"
imply SND_SOC_WCD9335

config SND_SOC_WCD9335
tristate "WCD9335 Codec"
depends on SLIMBUS

The implied symbol SND_SOC_WCD9335 should be set based on direct
dependency, However in this case, direct dependency SLIMBUS=m where as
SND_SOC_WCD9335=y. I would have expected to be SND_SOC_WCD9335=m in this

Is this a valid possible case or a bug in Kconfig?


On 12/03/2020 15:03, Randy Dunlap wrote:
> On 3/11/20 9:12 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
>> The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2020-03-11-21-11 has been uploaded to
>> mmotm-readme.txt says
>> README for mm-of-the-moment:
>> This is a snapshot of my -mm patch queue. Uploaded at random hopefully
>> more than once a week.
>> You will need quilt to apply these patches to the latest Linus release (5.x
>> or 5.x-rcY). The series file is in broken-out.tar.gz and is duplicated in
>> The file broken-out.tar.gz contains two datestamp files: .DATE and
>> .DATE-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss. Both contain the string yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss,
>> followed by the base kernel version against which this patch series is to
>> be applied.
>> This tree is partially included in linux-next. To see which patches are
>> included in linux-next, consult the `series' file. Only the patches
>> within the #NEXT_PATCHES_START/#NEXT_PATCHES_END markers are included in
>> linux-next.
>> A full copy of the full kernel tree with the linux-next and mmotm patches
>> already applied is available through git within an hour of the mmotm
>> release. Individual mmotm releases are tagged. The master branch always
>> points to the latest release, so it's constantly rebasing.
>> The directory (mm-of-the-second)
>> contains daily snapshots of the -mm tree. It is updated more frequently
>> than mmotm, and is untested.
>> A git copy of this tree is also available at
> on x86_64:
> ld: sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.o: in function `wcd9335_trigger':
> wcd9335.c:(.text+0x451): undefined reference to `slim_stream_prepare'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x465): undefined reference to `slim_stream_enable'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x48f): undefined reference to `slim_stream_unprepare'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x4a3): undefined reference to `slim_stream_disable'
> ld: sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.o: in function `wcd9335_slim_status':
> wcd9335.c:(.text+0x23df): undefined reference to `of_slim_get_device'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x2414): undefined reference to `slim_get_logical_addr'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x2427): undefined reference to `__regmap_init_slimbus'
> ld: wcd9335.c:(.text+0x245f): undefined reference to `__regmap_init_slimbus'
> ld: sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.o: in function `wcd9335_hw_params':
> wcd9335.c:(.text+0x3e05): undefined reference to `slim_stream_allocate'
> ld: sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.o: in function `wcd9335_slim_driver_init':
> wcd9335.c:(.init.text+0x15): undefined reference to `__slim_driver_register'
> ld: sound/soc/codecs/wcd9335.o: in function `wcd9335_slim_driver_exit':
> wcd9335.c:(.exit.text+0x11): undefined reference to `slim_driver_unregister'
> Full randconfig file is attached.

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