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SubjectRe: CN80xx (octeontx/thunderx) breakage from f2d8340
Hi Tim,

On 2020-03-11 20:17, Tim Harvey wrote:
> Marc,
> Im seeing a failure to boot on an octeontx CN80xx (thunderx) due to
> f2d8340 ("irqchip/gic-v3: Add GICv4.1 VPEID size discovery"). I'm not
> sure if something is hanging, I just get no console output from the
> kernel.

That's odd. It probably means that a SError has been taken to EL3,
and the firmware is not equipped to deal with it. Great stuff!

> Is there perhaps something in the dt that requires change? The
> board/dts I'm using is:
> Any ideas? I've cc'd the Cavium/Marvell folk to see if they know
> what's up or can reproduce on some of their hardware.

This is most probably Cavium erratum 38539. Please give [1] a go and
let me know whether it helps by replying to the patch.



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