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SubjectRe: Question about enabling trave_events on module load
On Fri, 28 Feb 2020 20:16:54 +0100
Cezary Rojewski <> wrote:

> Hello Steven,
> I bet that is not the first time said question is asked - that's for
> sure - but I failed to find a method for solving the issue, that is: not
> missing a single trace from the moment given module is loaded. Maybe I'm
> missing something or documentation wasn't clear enough and that's why
> I'm here.
> If I am, please point to towards the right direction. Then you can slap
> me for not reading the documentation carefully.
> "trace_event=" cmdline option seems to target built-in tracepoints
> _only_ so ain't much of a help to me. After digging the past for some
> time, I've found a very promising thread:
> tracing: Enable tracepoints via module parameters

I find this email extremely amusing. Just the day before (Thursday), I
was trying to clean out my INBOX (it had emails back from 2008!) and I
came across this very thread, and said to myself. "Hmm, I wonder if I
should push this again?". What a coincidence that the next day, someone
would email me about that thread after 9 years!

> Sadly, I wasn't able to find _that_ solution (or anything similar for
> that matter) implemented into the kernel.

That's because it was dropped and forgotten about :-( I left it in my
INBOX to remind myself to bring it back, but that didn't work out as
well as I expected, as my INBOX turned into more of a graveyard than a
TODO list.

> So far, the only option I came with was separating traces into a
> built-in piece that declares all events upfront so "trace_event=" option
> has something to hook into. Said piece is of course made of a standard
> trace header file filled with macro usage and a .c file with handful of
> While that solution could suffice, localization is the problem here - if
> a tree my module is built in is configured via -m, the built-in piece

I'm unfamiliar with "-m", what does that do?

> won't expose symbols at all and 'make' will leave me with bunch of
> "ERROR: <symbol> undefined" for every module my traces were used in. To
> fix the problem, I've relocated my trace .c file to /kernel/trace/.
> Finally it compiles and works as intended..

Well, obviously (as you state below), that's not an answer.

> Not really satisfying, though. While there are some examples of
> subsystems keeping their trace .c in /kernel/trace (e.g.:
> power-traces.c), I don't believe that place is open for _every single
> driver_ to dump their trace sources into.
> If indeed traces cannot be enabled on module load, then this is a gap.
> While not everyone looked satisfied in the 9year old thread, I believe
> having the gap closed is important - and userspace can always be
> improved upon as time passes.
> Thank you in advance for your input and time.

I think your email confirmed to me that I need to push this thread

Thanks for reaching out!

-- Steve

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