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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] trace: Export anonymous tracing
Quoting Steven Rostedt (2020-03-01 18:18:16)
> On Sun, 1 Mar 2020 15:52:47 +0000
> Chris Wilson <> wrote:
> > To facilitate construction of per-client event ringbuffers, in
> > particular for a per-client debug and error report log, it would be
> > extremely useful to create an anonymous file that can be handed to
> > userspace so that it can see its and only its events. trace already
> > provides a means of encapsulating the trace ringbuffer into a struct
> > file that can be opened via the tracefs, and so with a couple of minor
> > tweaks can provide the same access via an anonymous inode.
> I'm curious to why we need it to be anonymous. Why not allow them to be
> visible from the tracing directory. This could allow for easier
> debugging. Note, the trace instances have ref counters thus they can't
> be removed if something has a reference to it.

Do you really want a few thousand (or even tens) i915-client-%d? That
does not particularly seem like it adds ease-of-use, and would need to be
restricted to the client [or root]. The intent is for the client to have
a private channel for detailed debug/error reporting of its own calls
into the kernel.

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