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Subject[PATCH RFC 0/9] nxt propagation + locking optimisation
There are several independent parts in the patchset, but bundled
to make a point.
1-2: random stuff, that implicitly used later.
3-5: restore @nxt propagation
6-8: optimise locking in io_worker_handle_work()
9: optimise io_uring refcounting

The next propagation bits are done similarly as it was before, but
- nxt stealing is now at top-level, but not hidden in handlers
- ensure there is no with REQ_F_DONT_STEAL_NEXT

[6-8] is the reason to dismiss the previous @nxt propagation appoach,
I didn't found a good way to do the same. Even though it looked
clearer and without new flag.

Performance tested it with link-of-nops + IOSQE_ASYNC:

link size: 100
orig: 501 (ns per nop)
0-8: 446
0-9: 416

link size: 10
orig: 826
0-8: 776
0-9: 756

Pavel Begunkov (9):
io_uring: clean up io_close
io-wq: fix IO_WQ_WORK_NO_CANCEL cancellation
io_uring: make submission ref putting consistent
io_uring: remove @nxt from handlers
io_uring: get next req on subm ref drop
io-wq: shuffle io_worker_handle_work() code
io-wq: io_worker_handle_work() optimise locking
io-wq: optimise double lock for io_get_next_work()
io_uring: pass submission ref to async

fs/io-wq.c | 162 ++++++++++++----------
fs/io_uring.c | 366 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
2 files changed, 258 insertions(+), 270 deletions(-)


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