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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 00/12] Reduce ifdef mess in ptrace

> Le 28/06/2019 à 17:47, Christophe Leroy a écrit :
> > The purpose of this series is to reduce the amount of #ifdefs
> > in ptrace.c
> >
> Any feedback on this series which aims at fixing the issue you opened at
> ?

Yeah, sorry my bad. You did all the hard work and I ignored it.

I like the approach and is a long the lines I was thinking. Putting it in a
ptrace subdir, splitting out adv_debug_regs, TM, SPE, Alitivec, VSX.
ppc_gethwdinfo() looks a lot nicer now too (that was some of the worst of it).

I've not gone through it with a fine tooth comb though. There is (rightly) a lot
of code moved around which could have introduced some issues.

It applies on v5.2 but are you planning on updating it to a newer base?


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