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SubjectLinux 5.6-rc3
Fairly normal rc3 as far as I can tell. We've seen bigger, but we've
seen smaller ones too. Maybe this is slightly on the low side of
average at this time, which would make sense since this was a smaller
merge window. Anyway, too much noise in the signal to be sure either

The overall stats look fairly regular too: about 55% drivers (staging,
sound, gpu, networking, and usb look noticeable, with some noise
elsewhere). The bulk of the staging diff is actually the vsoc removal,
so that's nice.

Outside of drivers, we have the usual suspects: arch fixes (powerpc,
s390, x86, but also a late csky update that I couldn't find it in
myself to worry about). Filesystems (ext4 and btrfs) and networking.
And misc sprinkles of small fixes elsewhere.

See the appended shortlog for details,



Aditya Pakki (1):
ecryptfs: replace BUG_ON with error handling code

Akhil P Oommen (1):
drm/msm/a6xx: Correct the highestbank configuration

Alan Stern (1):
USB: hub: Don't record a connect-change event during reset-resume

Aleksa Sarai (1):
selftests: openat2: fix build error on newer glibc

Alex Deucher (4):
drm/amdgpu/soc15: fix xclk for raven
drm/amdgpu/gfx9: disable gfxoff when reading rlc clock
drm/amdgpu/gfx10: disable gfxoff when reading rlc clock
drm/amdgpu/display: clean up hdcp workqueue handling

Alexander Potapenko (1):
lib/stackdepot.c: fix global out-of-bounds in stack_slabs

Alexandra Winter (1):
s390/qeth: vnicc Fix EOPNOTSUPP precedence

Alexandre Belloni (3):
net: macb: ensure interface is not suspended on at91rm9200
net: cnic: fix spelling mistake "reserverd" -> "reserved"
net: macb: Properly handle phylink on at91rm9200

Alexandru Ardelean (1):
lib/string.c: update match_string() doc-strings with correct behavior

Alistair Delva (1):
staging: android: Delete the 'vsoc' driver

Amol Grover (1):
net: hsr: Pass lockdep expression to RCU lists

Andy Shevchenko (4):
MAINTAINERS: Sort entries in database for USB TYPEC
MAINTAINERS: Sort entries in database for THUNDERBOLT
serial: 8250: Check UPF_IRQ_SHARED in advance
nvme-pci: Use single IRQ vector for old Apple models

Anurag Kumar Vulisha (1):
usb: dwc3: gadget: Check for IOC/LST bit in TRB->ctrl fields

Ard Biesheuvel (1):
x86/ima: use correct identifier for SetupMode variable

Arnd Bergmann (4):
ASoC: atmel: fix atmel_ssc_set_audio link failure
y2038: remove ktime to/from timespec/timeval conversion
y2038: remove unused time32 interfaces
y2038: hide timeval/timespec/itimerval/itimerspec types

Arun Parameswaran (1):
net: phy: restore mdio regs in the iproc mdio driver

Aya Levin (2):
net/mlx5e: Reset RQ doorbell counter before moving RQ state from
net/mlx5e: Fix crash in recovery flow without devlink reporter

Bart Van Assche (3):
scsi: Revert "target/core: Inline transport_lun_remove_cmd()"
scsi: Revert "RDMA/isert: Fix a recently introduced regression
related to logout"
scsi: Revert "target: iscsi: Wait for all commands to finish
before freeing a session"

Bartosz Golaszewski (1):
MAINTAINERS: remove unnecessary ':' characters

Ben Skeggs (2):
drm/nouveau/acr/tu11x: initial support
drm/nouveau/gr/tu11x: initial support

Benjamin Poirier (2):
ipv6: Fix route replacement with dev-only route
ipv6: Fix nlmsg_flags when splitting a multipath route

Bhawanpreet Lakha (2):
drm/amd/display: fix backwards byte order in rx_caps.
drm/amd/display: fix dtm unloading

Boris Brezillon (1):
drm/panfrost: perfcnt: Reserve/use the AS attached to the
perfcnt MMU context

Borislav Petkov (1):
x86/mce/amd: Publish the bank pointer only after setup has succeeded

Brendan Higgins (1):
fsi: aspeed: add unspecified HAS_IOMEM dependency

Brett Creeley (2):
ice: Don't reject odd values of usecs set by user
ice: Wait for VF to be reset/ready before configuration

Brian Masney (1):
drm/msm/mdp5: rate limit pp done timeout warnings

Brian Vazquez (1):
bpf: Do not grab the bucket spinlock by default on htab batch ops

Catalin Marinas (1):
mm: Avoid creating virtual address aliases in brk()/mmap()/mremap()

Chris Wilson (7):
drm/i915/gem: Require per-engine reset support for non-persistent contexts
drm/i915: Initialise basic fence before acquiring seqno
drm/i915/gt: Prevent queuing retire workers on the virtual engine
drm/i915/gt: Protect defer_request() from new waiters
drm/i915: Wean off drm_pci_alloc/drm_pci_free
drm/i915/execlists: Always force a context reload when rewinding RING_TAIL
drm/i915/gt: Avoid resetting ring->head outside of its timeline mutex

Christian Borntraeger (2):
include/uapi/linux/swab.h: fix userspace breakage, use
__BITS_PER_LONG for swap

Christoph Hellwig (4):
dma-direct: relax addressability checks in dma_direct_supported
dma-direct: improve swiotlb error reporting
dma-direct: improve DMA mask overflow reporting
mm/swapfile.c: fix a comment in sys_swapon()

Christophe JAILLET (1):
NFC: pn544: Fix a typo in a debug message

Christophe Leroy (7):
powerpc/hugetlb: Fix 512k hugepages on 8xx with 16k page size
powerpc/hugetlb: Fix 8M hugepages on 8xx
powerpc/8xx: Fix clearing of bits 20-23 in ITLB miss
powerpc/32s: Fix DSI and ISI exceptions for CONFIG_VMAP_STACK
powerpc/chrp: Fix enter_rtas() with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK
powerpc/6xx: Fix power_save_ppc32_restore() with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK
powerpc/entry: Fix an #if which should be an #ifdef in entry_32.S

Colin Ian King (4):
staging: rtl8723bs: fix copy of overlapping memory
usb: dwc3: debug: fix string position formatting mixup with ret and len
selftests: fix spelling mistaked "chaigned" -> "chained"
usb: dwc3: debug: fix string position formatting mixup with ret and len

Cong Wang (2):
netfilter: xt_hashlimit: reduce hashlimit_mutex scope for htable_put()
netfilter: xt_hashlimit: limit the max size of hashtable

Dan Carpenter (3):
USB: serial: ir-usb: Silence harmless uninitialized variable warning
staging: greybus: use after free in gb_audio_manager_remove_all()
io_uring: remove unnecessary NULL checks

Daniel Golle (1):
serial: ar933x_uart: set UART_CS_{RX,TX}_READY_ORIDE

Dmitry Bezrukov (1):
net: atlantic: checksum compat issue

Dmitry Bogdanov (1):
net: atlantic: fix out of range usage of active_vlans array

Dmitry Osipenko (3):
usb: phy: tegra: Add clarifying comments about the shared registers
tty: serial: tegra: Handle RX transfer in PIO mode if DMA wasn't started
nfc: pn544: Fix occasional HW initialization failure

Dmitry Safonov (1):
selftests: use LDLIBS for libraries instead of LDFLAGS

Dmytro Linkin (1):
net/mlx5e: Don't clear the whole vf config when switching modes

Douglas Anderson (1):
scripts/ deprioritize old Fixes: addresses

EJ Hsu (1):
usb: uas: fix a plug & unplug racing

Egor Pomozov (1):
net: atlantic: ptp gpio adjustments

Erez Shitrit (1):
net/mlx5: DR, Handle reformat capability over sw-steering tables

Eric Biggers (2):
ext4: rename s_journal_flag_rwsem to s_writepages_rwsem
ext4: fix race between writepages and enabling EXT4_EXTENTS_FL

Eric Dumazet (3):
vt: vt_ioctl: fix race in VT_RESIZEX
net: rtnetlink: fix bugs in rtnl_alt_ifname()
net: add strict checks in netdev_name_node_alt_destroy()

Evan Quan (1):
drm/amd/powerplay: always refetch the enabled features status on
dpm enablement

Filipe Manana (2):
Btrfs: fix btrfs_wait_ordered_range() so that it waits for all
ordered extents
Btrfs: fix deadlock during fast fsync when logging prealloc
extents beyond eof

Florian Fainelli (1):
net: dsa: b53: Ensure the default VID is untagged

Florian Westphal (6):
netfilter: flowtable: skip offload setup if disabled
netfilter: conntrack: remove two args from resolve_clash
netfilter: conntrack: place confirm-bit setting in a helper
netfilter: conntrack: split resolve_clash function
netfilter: conntrack: allow insertion of clashing entries
mptcp: fix bogus socket flag values

Fugang Duan (1):
tty: serial: imx: setup the correct sg entry for tx dma

Gavin Shan (1):
mm/vmscan.c: don't round up scan size for online memory cgroup

Geert Uytterhoeven (3):
drm/bridge: ti-tfp410: Update drm_connector_init_with_ddc() error message
s390/pkey/zcrypt: spelling s/crytp/crypt/
csky: Replace <linux/clk-provider.h> by <linux/of_clk.h>

Grant Likely (1):
Documentation/process: Add Arm contact for embargoed HW issues

Greg Kroah-Hartman (6):
embargoed-hardware-issues: drop Amazon contact as the email
address now bounces
COPYING: state that all contributions really are covered by this file
Revert "xhci: Fix memory leak when caching protocol extended
capability PSI tables"
USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for 2 OEMed devices
USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for the 28 and 28L devices
USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for the 100 device

Grygorii Strashko (1):
dt-bindings: net: mdio: remove compatible string from example

Guenter Roeck (3):
watchdog: da9062: Add dependency on I2C
hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Fix lockdep splat
hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix crash seen with W83627DHG-P

Guo Ren (17):
MAINTAINERS: csky: Add mailing list for csky
csky: Tightly-Coupled Memory or Sram support
csky: Separate fixaddr_init from highmem
csky/mm: Fixup export invalid_pte_table symbol
csky: Set regs->usp to kernel sp, when the exception is from kernel
csky/smp: Fixup boot failed when CONFIG_SMP
csky/Kconfig: Add Kconfig.platforms to support some drivers
csky: Support icache flush without specific instructions
csky: Remove unnecessary flush_icache_* implementation
csky: Enable defer flush_dcache_page for abiv2 cpus (807/810/860)
csky: Optimize abiv2 copy_to_user_page with VM_EXEC
csky: Add flush_icache_mm to defer flush icache all
csky: Fixup ftrace modify panic
csky: Remove unused cache implementation
csky: Fixup compile warning for three unimplemented syscalls
csky: Add setup_initrd check code
csky: Implement copy_thread_tls

Gustavo Luiz Duarte (1):
powerpc/tm: Fix clearing MSR[TS] in current when reclaiming on
signal delivery

H.J. Lu (1):
x86/boot/compressed: Don't declare __force_order in kaslr_64.c

Hamdan Igbaria (1):
net/mlx5: DR, Fix matching on vport gvmi

Hangbin Liu (3):
selftests: forwarding: use proto icmp for {gretap, ip6gretap}_mac testing
selftests: forwarding: vxlan_bridge_1d: fix tos value
selftests: forwarding: vxlan_bridge_1d: use more proper tos value

Hardik Gajjar (1):
USB: hub: Fix the broken detection of USB3 device in SMSC hub

Harigovindan P (2):
drm/msm/dsi: save pll state before dsi host is powered off
drm/msm/dsi/pll: call vco set rate explicitly

Hongbo Yao (1):
bpf: Make btf_check_func_type_match() static

Horatiu Vultur (1):
net: mscc: fix in frame extraction

Huy Nguyen (1):
net/mlx5: Fix sleep while atomic in mlx5_eswitch_get_vepa

Igor Russkikh (1):
net: atlantic: check rpc result and wait for rpc address

Ioanna Alifieraki (1):
Revert "ipc,sem: remove uneeded sem_undo_list lock usage in exit_sem()"

Jack Pham (2):
usb: gadget: composite: Fix bMaxPower for SuperSpeedPlus
usb: gadget: composite: Support more than 500mA MaxPower

Jakub Sitnicki (1):
selftests/bpf: Mark SYN cookie test skipped for UDP sockets

James Morris (1):
Documentation/process: Change Microsoft contact for embargoed
hardware issues

Jan Kara (1):
ext4: fix mount failure with quota configured as module

Jani Nikula (3):
MAINTAINERS: Update drm/i915 bug filing URL
drm/i915: Update drm/i915 bug filing URL
drm/i915/dsc: force full modeset whenever DSC is enabled at probe

Jarkko Sakkinen (1):
tpm: Revert tpm_tis_spi_mod.ko to tpm_tis_spi.ko.

Jason A. Donenfeld (4):
wireguard: selftests: reduce complexity and fix make races
wireguard: receive: reset last_under_load to zero
wireguard: send: account for mtu=0 devices
wireguard: socket: remove extra call to synchronize_net

Jason Baron (1):
net: sched: correct flower port blocking

Javier Martinez Canillas (1):
efi: Only print errors about failing to get certs if EFI vars are found

Jeff Mahoney (1):
btrfs: destroy qgroup extent records on transaction abort

Jethro Beekman (1):
net: fib_rules: Correctly set table field when table number exceeds 8 bits

Jiri Benc (2):
selftests: allow detection of build failures
selftests: fix too long argument

Jiri Slaby (2):
vt: selection, handle pending signals in paste_selection
vt: selection, close sel_buffer race

Joe Perches (1):
get_maintainer: remove uses of P: for maintainer name

Joerg Roedel (6):
iommu/vt-d: Fix compile warning from intel-svm.h
iommu/vt-d: Add attach_deferred() helper
iommu/vt-d: Move deferred device attachment into helper function
iommu/vt-d: Do deferred attachment in iommu_need_mapping()
iommu/vt-d: Remove deferred_attach_domain()
iommu/vt-d: Simplify check in identity_mapping()

Johan Hovold (5):
USB: serial: ch341: fix receiver regression
USB: core: add endpoint-blacklist quirk
USB: quirks: blacklist duplicate ep on Sound Devices USBPre2
USB: core: clean up endpoint-descriptor parsing
serdev: ttyport: restore client ops on deregistration

Johannes Krude (1):
bpf, offload: Replace bitwise AND by logical AND in

John Fastabend (1):
bpf: Selftests build error in sockmap_basic.c

John Keeping (1):
usb: gadget: u_audio: Fix high-speed max packet size

John Stultz (1):
drm: msm: Fix return type of dsi_mgr_connector_mode_valid for kCFI

Jonathan Neuschäfer (1):
net: phy: broadcom: Fix a typo ("firsly")

Jordan Crouse (3):
drm/msm/a6xx: Remove unneeded GBIF unhalt
drm/msm/a6xx: Update the GMU bus tables for sc7180
drm/msm: Fix a6xx GMU shutdown sequence

Josef Bacik (5):
btrfs: don't set path->leave_spinning for truncate
btrfs: reset fs_root to NULL on error in open_ctree
btrfs: do not check delayed items are empty for single transaction cleanup
btrfs: handle logged extent failure properly
btrfs: fix bytes_may_use underflow in prealloc error condtition

Julian Wiedmann (4):
s390/qdio: fill SL with absolute addresses
s390/qdio: fill SBALEs with absolute addresses
s390/qeth: don't warn for napi with 0 budget
s390/qeth: fix off-by-one in RX copybreak check

Kai Vehmanen (3):
ALSA: hda: do not override bus codec_mask in link_get()
ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: fix ordering bug in resume flow
ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: move i915 init earlier

Kai-Heng Feng (1):
iommu/amd: Disable IOMMU on Stoney Ridge systems

Kalyan Thota (1):
msm:disp:dpu1: add UBWC support for display on SC7180

Kees Cook (4):
x86/xen: Distribute switch variables for initialization
net: core: Distribute switch variables for initialization
net: ip6_gre: Distribute switch variables for initialization
openvswitch: Distribute switch variables for initialization

Keith Busch (1):
nvme: Fix uninitialized-variable warning

Kim Phillips (1):
x86/cpu/amd: Enable the fixed Instructions Retired counter IRPERF

Krzysztof Kozlowski (1):
csky: Cleanup old Kconfig options

Larry Finger (6):
staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential security hole
staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential security hole
staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential overuse of kernel memory
staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential overuse of kernel memory
staging: rtl8188eu: Remove some unneeded goto statements
staging: rtl8723bs: Remove unneeded goto statements

Lars-Peter Clausen (1):
usb: gadget: ffs: ffs_aio_cancel(): Save/restore IRQ flags

Leon Romanovsky (1):
net/rds: Track user mapped pages through special API

Linus Torvalds (2):
pipe: make sure to wake up everybody when the last reader/writer closes
Linux 5.6-rc3

Logan Gunthorpe (1):
nvme-multipath: Fix memory leak with ana_log_buf

Lyude Paul (1):
drm/nouveau/kms/gv100-: Re-set LUT after clearing for modesets

Ma Jun (1):
csky: Minimize defconfig to support buildroot config.fragment

MaJun (1):
csky: Add PCI support

Madhuparna Bhowmik (7):
net: netlabel: Use built-in RCU list checking
netlabel_domainhash.c: Use built-in RCU list checking
meter.c: Use built-in RCU list checking
vport.c: Use built-in RCU list checking
datapath.c: Use built-in RCU list checking
flow_table.c: Use built-in RCU list checking
bridge: br_stp: Use built-in RCU list checking

Magnus Karlsson (1):
xsk: Publish global consumer pointers when NAPI is finished

Malcolm Priestley (1):
staging: vt6656: fix sign of rx_dbm to bb_pre_ed_rssi.

Mao Han (1):
csky: Initial stack protector support

Marco Felsch (2):
watchdog: da9062: do not ping the hw during stop()
watchdog: da9062: fix power management ops

Marek Vasut (3):
net: ks8851-ml: Remove 8-bit bus accessors
net: ks8851-ml: Fix 16-bit data access
net: ks8851-ml: Fix 16-bit IO operation

Martin KaFai Lau (1):
selftests/bpf: Fix error checking on reading the tcp_fastopen sysctl

Masahiro Yamada (1):
s390: make 'install' not depend on vmlinux

Mat Martineau (1):
mptcp: Protect subflow socket options before connection completes

Mathias Nyman (5):
xhci: Force Maximum Packet size for Full-speed bulk devices to
valid range.
xhci: Fix memory leak when caching protocol extended capability PSI tables
xhci: fix runtime pm enabling for quirky Intel hosts
xhci: apply XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel Comet Lake platforms
xhci: Fix memory leak when caching protocol extended capability
PSI tables - take 2

Matt Roper (1):
drm/i915/ehl: Update port clock voltage level requirements

Matthieu Baerts (1):
mptcp: select CRYPTO

Maxime Ripard (3):
dt-bindings: display: sunxi: Fix compatible
dt-bindings: media: csi: Add interconnects properties
dt-bindings: media: csi: Fix clocks description

Michal Kalderon (1):
qede: Fix race between rdma destroy workqueue and link change event

Michal Kubecek (1):
ethtool: fix application of verbose no_mask bitset

Michal Simek (1):
usb: gadget: udc-xilinx: Fix xudc_stop() kernel-doc format

Michal Swiatkowski (1):
ice: Don't tell the OS that link is going down

Mika Westerberg (1):
thunderbolt: Prevent crash if non-active NVMem file is read

Minas Harutyunyan (2):
usb: dwc2: Fix in ISOC request length checking
usb: dwc2: Fix SET/CLEAR_FEATURE and GET_STATUS flows

Nathan Chancellor (2):
s390/mm: Explicitly compare PAGE_DEFAULT_KEY against zero in
s390/kaslr: Fix casts in get_random

Nicolas Ferre (1):
tty/serial: atmel: manage shutdown in case of RS485 or ISO7816 mode

Nicolas Pitre (1):
vt: fix scrollback flushing on background consoles

Nicolas Saenz Julienne (1):
dma-contiguous: CMA: give precedence to cmdline

Nikita Danilov (1):
net: atlantic: better loopback mode handling

Nikita Sobolev (1):
Kernel selftests: tpm2: check for tpm support

Nikolay Aleksandrov (1):
net: netlink: cap max groups which will be considered in netlink_bind()

Oded Gabbay (2):
habanalabs: halt the engines before hard-reset
habanalabs: patched cb equals user cb in device memset

Oleksandr Suvorov (1):
ASoC: fsl_sai: Fix exiting path on probing failure

Oliver O'Halloran (1):
powerpc/xmon: Fix whitespace handling in getstring()

Omer Shpigelman (1):
habanalabs: do not halt CoreSight during hard reset

Paolo Abeni (1):
Revert "net: dev: introduce support for sch BYPASS for lockless qdisc"

Paul Blakey (1):
net/mlx5: Fix lowest FDB pool size

Paul Cercueil (1):
net: ethernet: dm9000: Handle -EPROBE_DEFER in dm9000_parse_dt()

Pavel Begunkov (2):
io_uring: add missing io_req_cancelled()
io_uring: fix use-after-free by io_cleanup_req()

Pavel Belous (3):
net: atlantic: fix use after free kasan warn
net: atlantic: fix potential error handling
net: atlantic: possible fault in transition to hibernation

Peter Chen (1):
usb: charger: assign specific number for enum value

Qian Cai (1):
ext4: fix a data race in EXT4_I(inode)->i_disksize

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
ACPI: PM: s2idle: Check fixed wakeup events in acpi_s2idle_wake()

Randy Dunlap (8):
net/sock.h: fix all kernel-doc warnings
skbuff: remove stale bit mask comments
skbuff.h: fix all kernel-doc warnings
watchdog: fix mtk_wdt.c RESET_CONTROLLER build error
Documentation/hwmon: fix xdpe12284 Sphinx warnings
arch/csky: fix some Kconfig typos
zonefs: fix documentation typos etc.

Rasmus Villemoes (1):
serial: cpm_uart: call cpm_muram_init before registering console

Ravulapati Vishnu vardhan rao (2):
ASoC: amd: Buffer Size instead of MAX Buffer
ASoC: amd: ACP needs to be powered off in BIOS.

Richard Dodd (1):
USB: Fix novation SourceControl XL after suspend

Rob Clark (1):
drm/msm/dpu: fix BGR565 vs RGB565 confusion

Roberto Sassu (1):
tpm: Initialize crypto_id of allocated_banks to HASH_ALGO__LAST

Robin Murphy (1):
iommu/qcom: Fix bogus detach logic

Rohit Maheshwari (1):
net/tls: Fix to avoid gettig invalid tls record

Roman Kiryanov (1):
net: disable BRIDGE_NETFILTER by default

Sam Bobroff (1):
powerpc/eeh: Fix deadlock handling dead PHB

Samuel Holland (2):
ASoC: codec2codec: avoid invalid/double-free of pcm runtime
ASoC: sun8i-codec: Fix setting DAI data format

Scott Branden (1):
docs: arm64: fix trivial spelling enought to enough in memory.rst

SeongJae Park (1):
selftests/vm: add missed tests in run_vmtests

Sergey Organov (1):
usb: gadget: serial: fix Tx stall after buffer overflow

Shannon Nelson (1):
ionic: fix fw_status read

Shijie Luo (1):
ext4: add cond_resched() to __ext4_find_entry()

Shyjumon N (1):
nvme/pci: Add sleep quirk for Samsung and Toshiba drives

Stefano Brivio (2):
netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: Fix mapping table example in comments
netfilter: nft_set_pipapo: Don't abuse unlikely() in pipapo_refill()

Stefano Garzarella (1):
io_uring: prevent sq_thread from spinning when it should stop

Stephan Gerhold (2):
drm/modes: Make sure to parse valid rotation value from cmdline
drm/modes: Allow DRM_MODE_ROTATE_0 when applying video mode parameters

Stephen Kitt (1):
s390: remove obsolete ieee_emulation_warnings

Steven Rostedt (VMware) (1):
selftests/ftrace: Have pid filter test use instance flag

Suraj Jitindar Singh (2):
ext4: fix potential race between s_group_info online resizing and access
ext4: fix potential race between s_flex_groups online resizing and access

Suren Baghdasaryan (1):
staging: android: ashmem: Disallow ashmem memory from being remapped

Taehee Yoo (3):
bonding: add missing netdev_update_lockdep_key()
net: export netdev_next_lower_dev_rcu()
bonding: fix lockdep warning in bond_get_stats()

Takashi Iwai (6):
ALSA: seq: Avoid concurrent access to queue flags
ALSA: seq: Fix concurrent access to queue current tick/time
ALSA: rawmidi: Avoid bit fields for state flags
ALSA: hda/realtek - Apply quirk for MSI GP63, too
ALSA: hda/realtek - Apply quirk for yet another MSI laptop
ALSA: hda: Use scnprintf() for printing texts for sysfs/procfs

Theodore Ts'o (1):
ext4: fix potential race between online resizing and write operations

Thierry Reding (1):
dt-bindings: memory-controller: Update example for Tegra124 EMC

Thomas Gleixner (3):
x86/mce/amd: Fix kobject lifetime
genirq/proc: Reject invalid affinity masks (again)
xen: Enable interrupts when calling _cond_resched()

Tianjia Zhang (2):
crypto: rename sm3-256 to sm3 in hash_algo_name
ima: add sm3 algorithm to hash algorithm configuration list

Tim Harvey (1):
net: thunderx: workaround BGX TX Underflow issue

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (2):
bpf, uapi: Remove text about bpf_redirect_map() giving higher performance
libbpf: Sanitise internal map names so they are not rejected by the kernel

Tomas Henzl (1):
scsi: megaraid_sas: silence a warning

Tomas Paukrt (1):
dt-bindings: mmc: omap-hsmmc: Fix SDIO interrupt

Tomi Valkeinen (1):
drm/bridge: tc358767: fix poll timeouts

Tyler Hicks (3):
Documentation/process: Swap out the ambassador for Canonical
MAINTAINERS: eCryptfs: Update maintainer address and downgrade status
eCryptfs: Replace deactivated email address

Tzung-Bi Shih (3):
ASoC: max98090: revert invalid fix for handling SHDN
ASoC: dapm: remove snd_soc_dapm_put_enum_double_locked
ASoC: hdmi-codec: set plugged_cb to NULL when component removing

Vasily Averin (2):
s390/cio: cio_ignore_proc_seq_next should increase position index
mm/memcontrol.c: lost css_put in memcg_expand_shrinker_maps()

Vasundhara Volam (2):
bnxt_en: Improve device shutdown method.
bnxt_en: Issue PCIe FLR in kdump kernel to cleanup pending DMAs.

Vincenzo Frascino (1):
arm64: lse: Fix LSE atomics with LLVM

Wei Yang (1):
mm/sparsemem: pfn_to_page is not valid yet on SPARSEMEM

Wenwen Wang (2):
ecryptfs: fix a memory leak bug in parse_tag_1_packet()
ecryptfs: fix a memory leak bug in ecryptfs_init_messaging()

Will Deacon (2):
iommu/arm-smmu: Restore naming of driver parameter prefix
arm64: memory: Add missing brackets to untagged_addr() macro

Willem de Bruijn (1):
udp: rehash on disconnect

Xiaoguang Wang (1):
io_uring: fix __io_iopoll_check deadlock in io_sq_thread

Xin Long (1):
sctp: move the format error check out of __sctp_sf_do_9_1_abort

Yonghong Song (1):
bpf: Fix a potential deadlock with bpf_map_do_batch

YueHaibing (1):
drm/panfrost: Remove set but not used variable 'bo'

Zenghui Yu (1):
genirq/irqdomain: Make sure all irq domain flags are distinct

changzhu (1):
drm/amdgpu: add is_raven_kicker judgement for raven1

chenqiwu (1):
s390/cio: use kobj_to_dev() API

satya priya (1):
tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: Fix RX cancel command failure

wangyan (1):
jbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when clearing block group bits

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