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SubjectRe: crashdump: Re: [PATCH 2/2] printk: use the lockless ringbuffer
On 2020-02-17, Petr Mladek <> wrote:
>>> Should the "prb"(printk tb static) symbol be exported into
>>> vmcoreinfo? Otherwise, do you happen to know how to walk through
>>> the log_buf and get all kernel logs from vmcore?
>> You are correct. This will need to be exported as well so that the
>> descriptors can be accessed. (log_buf is only the pure human-readable
>> text.) I am currently hacking the crash tool to see exactly what
>> needs to be made available in order to access all the data of the
>> ringbuffer.
> I am not sure which parts you are working on. Are you going to provide
> also patch for makedumpfile, please?

I'm working on crash first. makedumpfile is on my list as well.

> I get the following failure when creating the crashdump using:
> echo c >/proc/sysrq-trigger
> The kernel version is not supported.
> The makedumpfile operation may be incomplete.
> dump_dmesg: Can't find variable-length record symbols
> makedumpfile Failed.
> Running makedumpfile --dump-dmesg /proc/vmcore failed (1).

Yes, the symbols have changed (and some are missing). I will get this
sorted out for v2. And I will provide some heavily hacked code for crash
and makedumpfile to show that the necessary symbols are there and it

John Ogness

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