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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/12] Enable per-file/directory DAX operations V3
On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 04:23:19PM -0500, Jeff Moyer wrote:
> Ira Weiny <> writes:
> > [disclaimer: the following assumes the underlying 'device' (superblock)
> > supports DAX]
> >
> > ... which results in S_DAX == false when the file is opened without the mount
> > option. The key would be that all directories/files created under a root with
> > XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX == true would inherit their flag and be XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX == true
> > all the way down the tree. Any file not wanting DAX would need to set
> > XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX == false. And setting false could be used on a directory to
> > allow a user or group to not use dax on files in that sub-tree.
> >
> > Then without '-o dax' (XFS_MOUNT_DAX == false) all files when opened set S_DAX
> > equal to XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX value. (Directories, as of V4, never get S_DAX set.)
> >
> > If '-o dax' (XFS_MOUNT_DAX == true) then S_DAX is set on all files.
> One more clarifying question. Let's say I set XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX on an
> inode. I then open the file, and perform mmap/load/store/etc. I close
> the file, and I unset XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX. Will the next open treat the
> file as S_DAX or not? My guess is the inode won't be evicted, and so
> S_DAX will remain set.

The inode will not be evicted, or even it happens to be xfs_io will reload it
to unset the XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX flag. And the S_DAX flag changes _with_ the
XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX change when it can (when the underlying storage supports

Trying to change XFS_DIFLAG2_DAX while the file is mmap'ed returns -EBUSY.


> The reason I ask is I've had requests from application developers to do
> just this. They want to be able to switch back and forth between dax
> modes.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> > [1] I'm beginning to think that if I type dax one more time I'm going to go
> > crazy... :-P
> dax dax dax!

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