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Subject[PATCH 1/4] docs: driver-api: edid: Fix list formatting
Without the empty lines, Sphinx renders the list as part of the running

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Neuschäfer <>
Documentation/driver-api/edid.rst | 2 ++
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/Documentation/driver-api/edid.rst b/Documentation/driver-api/edid.rst
index b1b5acd501ed..7dc07942ceb2 100644
--- a/Documentation/driver-api/edid.rst
+++ b/Documentation/driver-api/edid.rst
@@ -11,11 +11,13 @@ Today, with the advent of Kernel Mode Setting, a graphics board is
either correctly working because all components follow the standards -
or the computer is unusable, because the screen remains dark after
booting or it displays the wrong area. Cases when this happens are:
- The graphics board does not recognize the monitor.
- The graphics board is unable to detect any EDID data.
- The graphics board incorrectly forwards EDID data to the driver.
- The monitor sends no or bogus EDID data.
- A KVM sends its own EDID data instead of querying the connected monitor.
Adding the kernel parameter "nomodeset" helps in most cases, but causes
restrictions later on.

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