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SubjectRe: [PATCH] FS: timerfd: Fix unexpected return value of timerfd_read function.

Arul Jeniston <> writes:

> Did you get a chance to update the timerfd man page?

Obviously not.

> Our customers are expecting these changes to happen asap.

You surely understand that both the kernel and the manpages are
available to you (Dell) free of charge.

If Dell provides these things under a commercial contract to customers,
then Dells customers surely can have expectations from Dell. But that's
none of my and any other contributors business.

If you need these changes ASAP, then either make them yourself or
contract someone who can do it for you.

Just making demands on a public mailing list in order to sort your
business problems is neither appropriate nor acceptable. You're neither
my boss nor do I have any contractual obligations with Dell.

You surely achieved something. The priority of this has moved right to
the bottom of my todo list. It's going to be worked on when I run out of
other things to fix or if I really get bored. Both won't happen anytime



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