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Subject[PATCH V3 0/7] remoteproc: imx_rproc: support iMX8MQ/M
From: Peng Fan <>

Since I was quite busy in the past days, V3 is late
Rebased on Linux-next
Add R-b tags
1/7: Add R-b tag of Mathieu, add comments
4/7: Typo fix
5/7: Add R-b tag of Mathieu, drop index Per Mathieu's comments
6/7: Add R-b tag of Mathieu
7/7: Add comment for vqid << 16, drop unneeded timeout settings of mailbox
Use queue_work instead of schedule_delayed_work
free mbox channels when remove

Rebased on linux-next
Dropped early boot feature to make patchset simple.
Drop rsc-da


This patchset is to support i.MX8MQ/M coproc.
The early boot feature was dropped to make the patchset small in V2.

Since i.MX specific TCM memory requirement, add elf platform hook.
Several patches have got reviewed by Oleksij and Mathieu in v1.

Peng Fan (7):
remoteproc: elf: support platform specific memory hook
remoteproc: imx_rproc: add elf memory hooks
remoteproc: imx_rproc: correct err message
remoteproc: imx_rproc: use devm_ioremap
remoteproc: imx_rproc: add i.MX specific parse fw hook
remoteproc: imx_rproc: support i.MX8MQ/M
remoteproc: imx_proc: enable virtio/mailbox

drivers/remoteproc/imx_rproc.c | 290 ++++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/remoteproc/remoteproc_elf_loader.c | 20 +-
include/linux/remoteproc.h | 4 +
3 files changed, 306 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)


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