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SubjectRe: [PATCH] gconfig: avoid use of hard coded colors for rows
On 11/23/20 1:51 PM, Ebrahim Byagowi wrote:
> Not an important thing of course just that I was unable to
> use gconfig on my system with a theme dark is set like [1]
> and this turns it into [2] without noticable change to the
> light theme.
> I had hit this minor issue also in the past but decided to
> fix it this time.
> This isn't the best possible approach as now we have we have
> a GdkColor -> gchar * -> GdkColor round trip, yet wanted to
> keep the change small and maybe go for a larger change later
> if it worths it.
> Hope you find it useful also.
> [1]:
> [2]:


AFAIK, this makes one known gconfig user.
I was hoping that we could remove it...


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