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Subject[PATCH RFC 0/4] Platform: OLPC: Register regulators for all power lines to DCON

I'm wondering if I could ask for help hooking up the OLPC display
controller driver to the power regulator framework. The DCON chip uses
four different power supplies (3.3V, 2.5V and two 1.8V) and the EC is in
charge of switching the regulators.

I'm not sure how does this plug into the regulator framework. Is it okay
if I make the EC driver expose the regulators and enforce that they all
enable at the same time? The patch set below aims to implement something
like that:

The first three patches are just loosely related to the problem; they
just prepare the field for the last patch:

[PATCH RFC 1/4] Platform: OLPC: Specify the enable time for DCON power
[PATCH RFC 2/4] Platform: OLPC: Fix handling of regulator registration
[PATCH RFC 3/4] Platform: OLPC: Remove regulator_dev from the priv struct

This exposes three regulators all controlling the same EC power interface:

[PATCH RFC 4/4] Platform: OLPC: Register regulators for all power lines

Thank you

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