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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10 00/19] Introduce memory interconnect for NVIDIA Tegra SoCs
On 23-11-20, 03:27, Dmitry Osipenko wrote:
> This series brings initial support for memory interconnect to Tegra20,
> Tegra30 and Tegra124 SoCs.
> For the starter only display controllers and devfreq devices are getting
> interconnect API support, others could be supported later on. The display
> controllers have the biggest demand for interconnect API right now because
> dynamic memory frequency scaling can't be done safely without taking into
> account bandwidth requirement from the displays. In particular this series
> fixes distorted display output on T30 Ouya and T124 TK1 devices.
> Changelog:
> v10 - In a longer run it will be much nicer if we could support EMC
> hardware versioning on Tegra20 and it's not late to support it now.
> Hence I added these new patches:
> dt-bindings: memory: tegra20: emc: Document opp-supported-hw property
> memory: tegra20: Support hardware versioning and clean up OPP table initialization
> - Removed error message from tegra30-devfreq driver about missing OPP
> properties in a device-tree because EMC driver already prints that
> message and it uses OPP API error code instead of checking DT directly,
> which is a more correct way of doing that.

Looks good to me (from OPP APIs usage perspective). Thanks for
continuing with this and fixing all the issues Dmitry.


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