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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] fscrypt: Add metadata encryption support
On Wed, Oct 07, 2020 at 11:28:06PM +0000, Satya Tangirala wrote:
> > This needs Kconfig help text to describe what this feature is and why anyone
> > would want to enable it. It also needs an update to
> > Documentation/filesystems/fscrypt.rst, and a test in xfstests that tests that
> > the encryption is being done correctly.
> >
> Sure. I forgot to mention, fwiw I did hack xfstests to enable metadata
> encryption on each device to try to test the code, and also some other
> informal tests, but as you point out, I should send out actual xfstests
> to test this.

To be clear, I'm asking for tests which verify the actual ciphertext written to
disk. So similar to _verify_ciphertext_for_encryption_policy() in xfstests, or
to vts_kernel_encryption_test in Android's VTS.

> > Perhaps fscrypt_set_bio_crypt_ctx() should call this? It seems there should be
> > a single function that filesystems can call that handles setting the
> > bio_crypt_ctx for both file contents and metadata encryption.
> >
> I mistakenly dismissed this idea when I was coding this up :( - I'll do
> this for the next version... I think it'll also make supporting direct I/O
> easier in future :) . Also, I might require FS_ENCRYPTION_INLINE_CRYPT
> when enabling FS_ENCRYPTION_METADATA to maybe make the code slightly
> cleaner (unless there's a reason we want to support metadata encryption
> without FS inline encryption being enabled?).

Since metadata encryption would already depend on FS_ENCRYPTION and
BLK_INLINE_ENCRYPTION, I think it would be fine to require
FS_ENCRYPTION_INLINE_CRYPT too, in order to reduce the number of combinations.

- Eric

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