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SubjectRe: [PATCH 15/22] kvm: mmu: Support changed pte notifier in tdp MMU
On 07/10/20 18:53, Ben Gardon wrote:
>> in addition to the previously-mentioned cleanup of always calling
>> handle_changed_spte instead of special-casing calls to two of the
>> three functions. It would be a nice place to add the
>> trace_kvm_mmu_set_spte tracepoint, too.
> I'm not sure we can avoid special casing calls to the access tracking
> and dirty logging handler functions. At least in the past that's
> created bugs with things being marked dirty or accessed when they
> shouldn't be. I'll revisit those assumptions. It would certainly be
> nice to get rid of that complexity.
> I agree that putting the SPTE assignment and handler functions in a
> helper function would clean up the code. I'll do that.

Well that's not easy if you have to think of which functions have to be

I'll take a closer look at the access tracking and dirty logging cases
to try and understand what those bugs can be. Apart from that I have my
suggested changes and I can probably finish testing them and send them
out tomorrow.


> I got some
> feedback on the RFC I sent last year which led me to open-code a lot
> more, but I think this is still a good cleanup.

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