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Subject[RFC 0/1] Documentation: Add documentation for new performance_profile sysfs class
Hi All,

Recently 2 different patches have been submitted for drivers under
drivers/platform/x86 to configure the performance-profile of
modern laptops (see the actual RFC patch for what I mean with
a performance-profile). One for the thinkpad_acpi driver and
one for the hp-wmi driver.

Since I don't want each pdx86 driver to invent its own userspace API
for this I have started a dicussion about coming up with a standardized /
common sysfs class / API for this on the pdx86 list:

The sysfs API proposal which I'm sending out as RFC in this email
thread is the result of me trying to distill that discussion into
a concrete proposal.

I have Cc-ed the linux-pm and linux-acpi lists because even though
the trigger for doing this is 2 different pdx86 drivers, the resulting
API should (must even) also be suitable for other platforms. I can
e.g. see various modern ARM platforms also having similar functionality
which they may want to export to userspace and the ideally the userspace
code for allowing the end-user to configure/select a profile would be
the same under ARM and x86.

Talking about userspace I've also Cc-ed Bastien and Benjamin who are
working on the userspace side of this.



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