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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] kunit: tool: Mark 'kunittest_config' as constant again
On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 3:27 AM SeongJae Park <> wrote:
> From: SeongJae Park <>
> 'kunit_kernel.kunittest_config' was constant at first, and therefore it
> used UPPER_SNAKE_CASE naming convention that usually means it is
> constant in Python world. But, commit e3212513a8f0 ("kunit: Create
> default config in '--build_dir'") made it modifiable to fix a use case
> of the tool and thus the naming also changed to lower_snake_case.
> However, this resulted in a confusion. As a result, some successing
> changes made the tool unittest fail, and a fix[1] of it again incurred
> the '--build_dir' use case failure.
> As the previous commit fixed the '--build_dir' use case without
> modifying the variable again, this commit marks the variable as constant
> again with UPPER_SNAKE_CASE, to reduce future confusions.
> [1] Commit d43c7fb05765 ("kunit: tool: fix improper treatment of file location")
> Signed-off-by: SeongJae Park <>

Reviewed-by: Brendan Higgins <>

Thanks for this! This is something I meant to fix a while ago and forgot about.

One minor issue, this patch does not apply on torvalds/master right
now. Could you please rebase this?

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