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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 2/4] powerpc: Refactor kexec functions to move arch independent code to ima
On 10/20/20 8:50 PM, Mimi Zohar wrote:
> Hi Lakshmi,
> On Tue, 2020-10-20 at 19:38 -0700, Lakshmi Ramasubramanian wrote:
>> On 10/20/20 1:01 PM, Mimi Zohar wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2020-09-30 at 13:59 -0700, Lakshmi Ramasubramanian wrote:
>>>> The functions ima_get_kexec_buffer() and ima_free_kexec_buffer(),
>>>> that handle carrying forward the IMA measurement logs on kexec for
>>>> powerpc do not have architecture specific code, but they are currently
>>>> defined for powerpc only.
>>>> Move ima_get_kexec_buffer() and ima_free_kexec_buffer() to IMA
>>>> subsystem. A later patch in this series will use these functions for
>>>> carrying forward the IMA measurement log for ARM64.
>>>> With the above refactoring arch/powerpc/kexec/ima.c contains only
>>>> functions used when CONFIG_IMA_KEXEC is enabled. Update Makefile
>>>> in arch/powerpc/kexec to include arch/powerpc/kexec/ima.c only
>>>> when CONFIG_IMA_KEXEC is enabled.
>>>> Move ima_dump_measurement_list() and ima_add_kexec_buffer() to
>>>> a new file namely ima_kexec_fdt.c in IMA. Update
>>>> security/integrity/ima/Makefile to include ima_kexec_fdt.c only
>>>> when CONFIG_IMA_KEXEC is enabled.
>>>> Co-developed-by: Prakhar Srivastava <>
>>>> Signed-off-by: Prakhar Srivastava <>
>>>> Signed-off-by: Lakshmi Ramasubramanian <>
>>> The existing support for carrying the IMA measurement list across kexec
>>> is limited to powerpc. This patch set is adding similar support for
>>> arm64, making as much of the existing code as generic as possible.
>>> However ima_dump_measurement_list() is already generic, but for some
>>> reason this patch moves it to ima_kexec_fdt.c. ima_kexec_fdt.c should
>>> be limited to device tree specific code.
>> I wanted to split the functions defined under CONFIG_HAVE_IMA_KEXEC and
>> CONFIG_IMA_KEXEC to separate files so that we can get rid of #ifdef in C
>> file and instead conditionally compile the C files (using Makefile).
>> ima_dump_measurement_list() need to be defined only when
>> CONFIG_IMA_KEXEC is defined. I moved it to ima_kexec_fdt.c
> In this case, everything in ima_kexec.c relates to carrying or
> restoring the measurement list. It's a logical unit. Separating them
> doesn't make sense.

Sounds good - I'll keep ima_dump_measurement_list() and
ima_add_kexec_buffer() in ima_kexec.c as it was earlier.

>> Instead of ima_kexec_fdt.c, where ima_dump_measurement_list() and
>> ima_add_kexec_buffer() are defined, perhaps I can change the file name
>> to "ima_kexec_buffer.c". Would that be better?
> I don't understand why adding support for carrying the IMA measurement
> across kexec on ARM64, should require any changes in the IMA loading
> and restoring the measurement list code itself. Please minimize the
> changes.

Agreed - will do.


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