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I am delighted to write you this mail. Nowadays internet has been highly abused. But i can assure you my claims are real and genuine. I am Prince Rassaq Rasmane, a young African who is passionate about the living standards of his people. I am contacting you on behalf of my father the king of my village by name HRH. king Abdoul Rasmane 11th of Obokoma village, Bittuh west Africa, located around the border of Ghana and the eastern part of Burkina Faso.

There is a British/American buyer who is a business man and a dealer in African antiquities who initially expressed interest through his agent who came to Africa in 2011 in buying some antiquities which are our village heritage of 470 years old but only for the objection of the village head.

Now, the concerned people in the village, e.g. the notables, the elders and the villagers have spoken to the village king and a willingness to dispose the antiquities for sale has been expressed. This is to raise fund that will be realized from the sales for community development and also to put in place some social amenities like good hospitals, good schools, bridges and good roads that will improve the living conditions of the people in the village.

Our village contacted the British buyer and he expressed his readiness to make payment against these antiquities if it is shipped out of Africa. He further briefed us that he does not want to come down to Africa for any reason at the moment because he is so tight down now with his businesses and also considering the issue of Corona virus.

He equally denied disclosing his buying price to us so long as the antiquities are still in Africa. That if seller should get this antiques out of Africa through a representative or facilitator he will sign a business contract with him and buy from him, maybe visit his country to confirm objects and pay. This is a 100% legal rare vintage Artifacts that is worth millions of dollars in the international market but we only ask for a reduced sum.

Dear, if you are interested we will forward you the address of the British buyer and photographs of these antiquities so that you can contact the buyer on our behalf and negotiate the price with him as here in the village we don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to international market.

Once you have reached agreement with the buyer we shall begin arrangements to immediately ship the three status collection Antiques to you so that buyer may conclude the transaction with you. Once sold, you are to deduct your 20% commission and transfer rest fund to us so we can begin our community projects. We will take a lot of delight if you treat this business with seriousness and give it an esteem position. We await your prompt response regarding this issue.

Please contact me through the above email (

Best regards,
Prince Rassaq Rasmane

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