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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/16] follow_pfn and other iomap races
On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 10:56:39AM +0200, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> Hi all,
> Round 3 of my patch series to clamp down a bunch of races and gaps
> around follow_pfn and other access to iomem mmaps. Previous version:
> v1:
> v2:
> And the discussion that sparked this journey:
> I was waiting for the testing result for habanalabs from Oded, but I guess
> Oded was waiting for my v3.
> Changes in v3:
> - Bunch of polish all over, no functional changes aside from one barrier
> in the resource code, for consistency.
> - A few more r-b tags.
> Changes in v2:
> - tons of small polish&fixes all over, thanks to all the reviewers who
> spotted issues
> - I managed to test at least the generic_access_phys and pci mmap revoke
> stuff with a few gdb sessions using our i915 debug tools (hence now also
> the drm/i915 patch to properly request all the pci bar regions)
> - reworked approach for the pci mmap revoke: Infrastructure moved into
> kernel/resource.c, address_space mapping is now set up at open time for
> everyone (which required some sysfs changes). Does indeed look a lot
> cleaner and a lot less invasive than I feared at first.
> The big thing I can't test are all the frame_vector changes in habanalbas,
> exynos and media. Gerald has given the s390 patch a spin already.
> Review, testing, feedback all very much welcome.
> Daniel Vetter (16):
> drm/exynos: Stop using frame_vector helpers
> drm/exynos: Use FOLL_LONGTERM for g2d cmdlists
> misc/habana: Stop using frame_vector helpers
> misc/habana: Use FOLL_LONGTERM for userptr
> mm/frame-vector: Use FOLL_LONGTERM
> media: videobuf2: Move frame_vector into media subsystem
> mm: Close race in generic_access_phys
> s390/pci: Remove races against pte updates
> mm: Add unsafe_follow_pfn
> media/videbuf1|2: Mark follow_pfn usage as unsafe
> vfio/type1: Mark follow_pfn as unsafe
> PCI: Obey iomem restrictions for procfs mmap
> /dev/mem: Only set filp->f_mapping
> resource: Move devmem revoke code to resource framework
> sysfs: Support zapping of binary attr mmaps
> PCI: Revoke mappings like devmem

The whole thing looks like a great improvement!


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