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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5] Introduce support for Systems Management Driver over WMI for Dell Systems

On 9/30/20 11:02 PM, Limonciello, Mario wrote:
>>> + possible_values: A file that can be read to obtain the possible
>>> + values of the <attr>. Values are separated using
>>> + semi-colon (``;``).
>> why not use set notation from math classes assuming intergers? i.e.
>> (a, b) all integers beween a and b but not including a or b (open set)
>> or
>> [a, b] all integerger betwen a and b including and b? (closed set)
>> Anyway its ambiguous if the the extremes are included in the set of possible
>> values as written.
> Enumeration attributes mean that there are fixed values, specifically not integers.
> Integers are in the "integer" type and explained below.
> An example value that would be seen here is possible_values:
> Enabled;Disabled;

That might not be the best example, because in that case arguably we
could export it as a boolean type (except that the WMI interface does
not give us boolean as an explicit / separate type).

Mark these enum attributes are really like enums in C, so we
have a fixed set of possible values which are described by
strings, since using integers for it makes no sense from a human
interaction pov. E.g. on the Lenovo X1C8 I have some attributes
have the following possible value sets:

Package (0x03)

Package (0x02)

Package (0x02)

I hope this helps clarify things.



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