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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Fix issues with command queuing in arasan controllers
On 8/01/20 1:49 pm, Faiz Abbas wrote:
> Adrian,
> On 08/01/20 5:12 pm, Adrian Hunter wrote:
>> On 8/01/20 1:30 pm, Faiz Abbas wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On 30/12/19 2:53 pm, Faiz Abbas wrote:
>>>> In some Arasan SDHCI controllers, after tuning, the tuning pattern data
>>>> is leftover in the sdhci buffer. This leads to issues with future data
>>>> commands, especially when command queuing is enabled. The following
>>>> patches help fix this issue by resetting data lines after tuning is
>>>> finished. The first two patches have been tested with TI's am65x and
>>>> j721e SoCs using the sdhci_am654 driver.
>>>> I have a strong suspicion that this is the same issue with
>>>> the sdhci-of-arasan driver where they are forced to dump data from the
>>>> buffer before enabling command queuing. I need help from someone with a
>>>> compatible platform to test this.
>>> I had some discussions with our hardware team and they say we should be
>>> asserting both SRC and SRD reset after tuning to start from a clean
>>> state. Will update the patches to do that in v2.
>> Can you use the ->execute_tuning() for that instead of a quirk?
> ->platform_execute_tuning() is called before __sdhci_execute_tuning(). I
> need this to be done after that. Should I add a post_tuning() callback?

I meant hook host->mmc_host_ops.execute_tuning and call
sdhci_execute_tuning() and then sdhci_reset(), like in intel_execute_tuning().

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