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SubjectRe: [RESEND RFC PATCH 1/1] Selectively allow CAP_SYS_NICE capability inside user namespaces

On 11/21/2019 05:45 PM, Prakash Sangappa wrote:
> On 11/21/19 1:27 PM, wrote:
>> Prakash Sangappa <> writes:
>> 2) If I read the other thread correctly there was talk about setting the
>> nice levels of processes in other containers. Ouch!
> No not in other containers. Only on processes within the container
> which has this capability. The use case is to use it in a container
> with user namespace and pid namespace. So no processes from other
> containers should be visible. Necessary checks should be added?.
>> The only thing I can think that makes any sense at all is to allow
>> setting the nice levels of the processes in your own container.
> Yes that is the intended use.
>> I can totally see having a test to see if a processes credentials
>> are
>> in the caller's user namespace or a child of caller's user namespace
>> and allowing admin level access if the caller has the appropriate
>> caps in their user namespace.
> Ok
>> But in this case I don't see anything preventing the admin in a
>> container from using the ordinary nice levels on a task. You are
>> unlocking the nice levels reserved for the system administrator
>> for special occassions. I don't see how that makes any sense
>> to do from inside a container.
> But this is what seems to be lacking. A container could have some
> critical processes running which need to run at a higher priority.

Any comments about this? What would be the recommendation for dealing
with such a requirement?

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