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SubjectRe: Was: Fair Pay In Cyberspace
To put the final driving force behind this project, I   have also 
realized a zén (chan philosophy) name of the divine, in the project
"I/T Eon Enligthenment".

As all information is factorized right in I/T Sys, with compatibility
back to Adams tablet, suiting chan philosophy ("zén"), Islam and
scientific monotheism, many will ofcourse want the standard paradigm,
and this is what this project is about.

No unnatural restrictions of three-letter paradigms, but natural
resources in the right place, such as monotheism is. And ultimately
scientific monotheism, and observation of all things, is realizing one
creator, and enligthenment.

So my research on history and philosophy is concluded in four projects

I/T Sys - a fair pay interface system for the whole of internet,
compatible with all information back to Adams tablet, the original
source of what became fair pay principles, and definer of Shaytan (or
psychopath, the enemy of your wording of choice). Reading also society
for technocracy, which means groupings, which take information further
to leader, as a filter of relevance, and product quality.

I/T Eon Enligthenment - Here I realize a chan philosophy ("zén") - name
of the divine, answering the current cultural dynamic, fusing chan
philosophy, Varanger faith, Islam and scientific monotheism as one
stronger monotheism, respecting all developed schools.

I/T Partiet - Norwegian for The I/T Party, a suggestion for a political
party, where the democracy is perfected in I/T.

I/T Trance Star - about the original rave culture, an example of a
culture that really was a push for the same. Suggesting fair pay
integration of tracker files, which I always found to be a superior
format. Still today, the earliest files, can be played back in 24bit
96khz uncompressed, with modern (4- band) mastering, level tweakable if
wanted. With Polyphase Resampling, without interpolation errors.

All linked here:

Ywe Cærlyn,
Initiative-Taker, Philosophy, Researcher with top 1% research on
I/T Sys.

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