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SubjectRE: [RFC net-next] net: phy: Add basic support for Synopsys XPCS using a PHY driver
From: Russell King - ARM Linux admin <>
Date: Jan/13/2020, 14:18:17 (UTC+00:00)

> I've recently suggested a patch to phylink to add a generic helper to
> read the state from a generic 802.3 clause 37 PCS, but I guess that
> won't be sufficient for an XPCS. However, it should give some clues
> if you're intending to use phylink.

So, I think for my particular setup (that has no "real" PHY) we can have
something like this in SW PoV:

stmmac -> xpcs -> SW-PHY / Fixed PHY

- stmmac + xpcs state would be handled by phylink (MAC side)
- SW-PHY / Fixed PHY state would be handled by phylink (PHY side)

This would need updates for Fixed PHY to support >1G speeds.

Jose Miguel Abreu

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