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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/12] aspeed: Add SCU interrupt controller and XDMA engine drivers
On 2020-01-15 22:29, Eddie James wrote:
> This series first adds a driver to control the interrupt controller
> provided by
> the System Control Unit (SCU) on the AST2500 and AST2600 SOCs. The
> interrupts
> made available are necessary for the control of the XDMA engine
> embedded in the
> same Aspeed SOCs.
> This series then adds a driver to control the XDMA engine. This driver
> was
> previously sent to the list without support for the AST2600, and has
> been
> refactored significantly to enable that support. The XDMA engine
> performs
> automatic DMA operations between the Aspeed SOC (acting as a BMC) and a
> host
> processor.
> Changes since v5:
> - Rework the XDMA locking completely; thanks Andrew Jeffrey for the
> help.
> Changes since v4:
> - Fix dts documentation example for XDMA
> - Add errno in warning for SCU failure in XDMA PCIe config
> - Add a check for in_reset before proceeding in O_NONBLOCK case
> - Add comments to memory sizes in the witherspoon/tacoma XDMA dts
> entries
> Changes since v3:
> - See individual patches; just clean-up items
> Changes since v2:
> - See individual patches
> - Drop rainier dts patch
> - In summary, remove references to VGA memory as the XDMA driver
> doesn't care
> where it is. Remove SDRAM controller reference. Move user reset
> functionality to a separate patch and make it an ioctl.
> Changes since v1:
> - See individual patches
> - In summary, first the irqchip driver switched to use the parent SCU
> regmap
> rather than iomapping it's register. Secondly, the XDMA
> initialization
> switched to use properties from the device tree rather than
> dynamically
> calculate memory spaces, and system config.
> Eddie James (12):
> dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: Add Aspeed SCU interrupt
> controller
> irqchip: Add Aspeed SCU interrupt controller

I've now queued these two patches in the irqchip tree.


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